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It's jungle out there....

It's jungle out there....

Shehan's Yala Safari Tours Sri Lanka is specializing in Eco-Tourism adventure tours that take you into the heart of the Sri Lankan wilderness.

Yala National Park has one of the highest densities of wildlife per square kilometer on the island; it is often described as the finest safari destination in Sri Lanka (a country of immense biodiversity). The park is home to a vast variety of wildlife that each and every day presents new and exciting interactions.

Our staffs are experts in their fields and are more than willing to impart their knowledge on wildlife and photography with you. For our game drives we use customized jeeps driven and lead by our English-speaking drivers/guides who are dedicated to helping you seek out even the most hard to find wildlife in the park. Our jeeps can handle every type of terrain, give an excellent view points for photographers, specially adapted for safari use with comfy seats, pockets to stow your gear and bean bags to steady your camera for those all important photos.

Drives can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on what's seen and the requirements of the guests. At Shehan Safaris, our specialty is adapting to your needs and tailoring the Safari experience accordingly

We invite you to explore and discover Sri Lanka abundant wildlife, including leopards, elephants and bears as well as some of the world's best bird watching.

Escape and truly become one with nature...

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